Welcome to the dungeon of Serenade of Darkness, an occult influenced black metal band from Ede, The Netherlands.

On this site you can find all you need to know about the band, upcoming gigs, news, photos and much more!

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News and Updates:

26-1-2021: Serenade of Darkness Pandemic Reunion Tour canceled due to pandemic

We regret to inform you that the Serenade of Darkness Pandemic Reunion Tour 2021 is canceled due to the current pandemic.


Girls! Get some new panties ready. Serenade of Darkness just confirmed their first gig since 2005. Preorder tickets now for the Serenade of Darkness Pandemic Reunion Tour 2021! Visit our gigs page for more information and tickets.

18-9-2018: Finally added all Storms lyrics

After more than a decade we found some time to publish all lyrics from our Storms album. As a bonus we also added the lyrics for Blasphemy, one of the three unreleased tracks we performed live.

Now, go read and sing along.
Updated lyrics

17-8-2014: All albums available as free download

Here you go! Free stuff! Download all music by Serenade of Darkness

Serenade of Darkness

16-8-2014: BREAKING: No SoD reunion

Finally some news from your all time heroes. We more or less broke up about 10 years ago to pave the way for Mark Zuckerbergs succes with Facebook. We like to take this opportunity to congratulate him with his tremendous succes. Meanwhile Serenade of Darkness didn't sit still either. After we became filthy rich outside the music industry we found our old website in a dusty archive on a 10 Gb harddrive we once paid 200 euro for. We decided to upload it again for the one or two remaining fans out there. As we download/stream music like maniacs ourselves we're gonna chip in and publish our music to download for free as well! Right now the material is available at last.fm. Storms is available here, but when we feel a little less lazy we'll upload it to this server.

Serenade of Darkness

14-12-2005: New Guestbook and forum

In an experiment to test the capibilities of our server we've installed phpBB (the n3rds among you know what i'm talking about, the rest probably doesn't give a fuck). We've decided to keep it and as a result we've replaced our guestbook and created a new forum as well. (The Einsteins among you will notice a new button in the menu of this magnificent website). This is your chance to meet and greet your heroes (and with heroes i mean us, so don't get any ideas about Kerry King or Ihsahn) so sign up and start posting.

bye bye,

30-11-2005: Download section updated

I've updated our download section. You can now find the complete Storms album for download. Ofcourse the quality isn't as good as it is on CD but at least you can get an impression of what to get. That should satisfy you, you cheap bastards! ;)

Don't let the IRAA get to you,

30-11-2005: New Bassplayer found!

I'm happy to announce that the vacancy for bassplayer has been filled. A very gifted musician named esproC has been added to our collection of freaks and we're currently busy teaching him the ropes. We'll be looking for some new gigs as soon as he's ready. In other news: The new material is working great. We've got as much as 3 songs finished by now and we're working on 2 or 3. Expect some more news in the future.


17-10-2005: Serenade wants you!

Hello everyone, we're back! However, we are sad to announce that Bijl has decided to quit the band due to other priorities. This means however that there's a vacancy at the bass in Serenade of Darkness. So, if you like to join our little group of lycanthropes please let us know. You can contact us by sending an email to info@serenadeofdarkness.nl. We practice every friday evening in Ede, the Netherlands.

'till next time,

11-06-2005: Gone Fishing!

Here's some little but important news from the SoD camp. We've cancelled all of our gigs (current and future) and we're taking a break from the band. Despite some rumors you may have heard, we did not split up, we're just taking a long well deserved vacation. I'll post a notice when our vacation is over, so make sure you check this site now and then.


15-03-2005: Yet another update

It seems our bio has suddenly reappeared so i've update the corresponding section. Furthermore another gig has been arranged. All the fans in Flanders can celebrate, we're comming to Hasselt, so here's your change to admire us in person. Check out the gigssection for more info. Oh, i've also updated the links section so everything should work now.

Have Fun,

12-03-2005: gigs gigs gigs gigs

Well well well, finally an update, how interesting. I've added 2 new gigs, check them out. I know you all want to know the latest news regarding your favorite blackmetal band but there is very little to tell. Currently we're writing some new songs and i've got to tell you, it sounds all very promissing. Of course it's to soon to tell how everything will sound at the end but we've got our hopes up. Try to be patient and everything will be allright.


23-11-2004: Some minor site updates

Here's a little update. The Merchandise section has been restyled and we've made some minor updates to the Links and Credits sections. Furthermore we've added some new gigs. Please stay tuned for more site updates in the near future.


You can download our album here to order our new album 'Storms'.
31-08-2004: THE WAIT IS OVER!

There it is! FINALLY! Our new album Storms has been released! The 4th of september 2004 we will pre-present this album to the audience, live, on stage!! Of course the album can be purchased then as well!

26-07-2004: NEW SAMPLES!

Yes, much work is going on in the background. The mixing of the new album is done, mastering is being done as we speak. The album will be finished very soon now! To keep you all informed, here are a few new samples of the upcoming album. Enjoy!

Smp 1 Length: 1:00 Size: 700kb
Smp 2 Length: 1:00 Size: 700kb
Smp 3 Length: 1:00 Size: 700kb

10-07-2004: SoD Screensaver

Someone has been ever so friendly to create this nifty screensaver. SoD is coming for your desktop! Click here to get it!

05-04-2004: Studio report update!

Yes it has been quiet for a while, heck we were busy recording! But Demorpheus has written a little Studio Report update for you all to read!
20-02-2004: Live photos Willemeen!

Click here for photos from our gig in Arnhem!

14-02-2004: Live photos Veldhoven!!

Click here for photos from yesterday's gig in Veldhoven!!!

10-02-2004 New GIGS

New gigs added!!! 20th of februari - Willemeen - Arnhem (with Slechtvalk and Natan)


11-02-2004: Vote for us at W‚ldrock!!

You can vote for us as most wanted band on W‚ldrock 2004!!!

Click on the link below; then click on Bandvote 2004 on top, select 'Serenade of Darkness' and finally submit! Thank you all!!!

Click here to vote!!!

13-11-2003: Studio Report!

Finally! We have entered the 'Nachtvorst' studios to record our second full length album! The idea is to give you all a taste of what's happening inside our recording dungeon through a series of studio reports, which we will publish as often as possible on our website!

Studio Report

21-10-2003: Helloween live gig!

On friday the 7th Serenade of Darkness will play at the Witchschool Helloween (Samhain) Party! For more details click here