Studio Report

Finally! We have entered the 'Nachtvorst' studios to record our second full length album! The idea is to give you all a taste of what's happening inside our recording dungeon through a series of studio reports, wich we will publish as often as possible on our website!

Monday the 5th of April 2004

Here are some more pictures for you to enjoy!

Bijl, in SoD's rehearsal dungeon

Sephtis, raising the dead with his voice from hell

Sunday the 4th of April 2004

Well, it has been a while but finally another studio update. A lot has happened since the last one, the drums have been recorded en mixed and the band decided that I would be the one responsible for recording the rest of the stuff (of course together with my buddy Bijl).

Well, I still donít know if I should be happy with it or not, itís a curse and a blessing. Of course, as a symphonic blackmetal band we need synths, a lot of them, and since that stuff is also my primary function in the band, playing synthesizers, so what the heck, why not record them right after the drums, so as soon as I got the drumtracks from my partner in crime (recording) Bijl I started with the basic synths, the instrument some fans love and some fans hate, and of course I got inspired and added another layer of them and improved my original score.

Demorpheus, working on Sephtis' freshly recorded screams

Of course we all have dayjobs/studies so we donít have the whole day for the recordings so it took me about 2 weeks to get the job finished, of course, right when I needed it one of my synths broke down so I have to send to the repair service. So I decided not to wait for the repair but to record the guitars of Arcaroth. So he came over and since he and I got a holiday at that moment we recorded all his stuff in just 2 days.

At the moment Iím busy recording Magusí parts and I must say, the music so far recorded sounds very promising, this will be the best album weíve recorded so far. As soon as Magusí parts are completed I will record the bass and after that hopefully my synths will be repaired so I can finish the remaining synths parts. The vocals will follow of course. So, thatís about it, I will try to keep you informed more often.

- Demorpheus

Btw, if Iím feeling like it I might put a small recording sample online.

Sunday the 16th of November

Well, back to business. Drum tracks once again! Things went smoothly this time, only 90 minutes it took to record the drums for the remaining three songs. And you're not going to believe this, but some-fucking-how, we lost two of those as well! What the fuck! We were tired and pretty much fucked up, so needless to say we were pretty damn angry and dissapointed about that. Shit fucking happens! We'll record the remaining two parts on tuesday. After that we'll start working on the other instruments.

Some more discoveries:

  • That when bandmembers get VERY little sleep, they behave themselves a lot calmer. No more annoying jokes to piss the hell out of Bijl and break his concentration.
  • That a certain audio recording program shouldn't be used for recording!
Saturday the 15th of November

After some pre-production, not really worth mentioning, we started building up Bijl's 'Nachtvorst' recording studio. Of course, everything didn't work right away as planned. The recording system had some major startup problems, as did our drummer apperantely since he got in a little on the late side. We managed to record the drum tracks for 3 songs, at least we thought so because one of them got lost somewhere along the line, leaving us with only two in stead of three. Accidents happen, so it appears. After that it was party time for some of the band members, so no more drum recording for this session! As you can probably imagine, we were damn anxious to hear a raw mix of the whole song so we decided to plug in some other instruments a do a simple and fast version of our song 'Mortis Sub Noctum'.

Here's what we discovered so far:

  • That Sephtis' voice sounds like he just stood up from his grave
  • That we will probably sound a lot rawer then we initially thought
  • That "If someone has something to say, he has to get the hell over here!" (Bijl!)
  • That we 'heerschen' (This is a dutch expression, don't even ask, it can't be translated! :)