~*[ Vicious Oppression ]*~

I am The Embodiment of Hate
Sinnful, yet no regret!
I am Fed up with your Lies
Which Raped and Murdered

Unpretentious You
A bringer of Dark, No light,
Suffering A Mental Illness
As Result of Relentless Thoughts
Providing a Scornfull Torment
A Torment, I cannot Tolerate

Why Linger in the Dark?
While the angel of light awaits,
To Celebrate your Rebirth

Why compromising Death?
While life is ahead, in front of your eyes,
To Imprisson your Faith.

Hvor er Lysset?
To Withstand the Oppression
Glorious and Bright!

Follow me
Unstrangle from the chains
Recover from your wounds
Drink from the cup of Truth
May your Darkness be silenced
Claim your Throne in this Black Mass
A Black Mass, Victorious Inside!

© Serenade of Darkness - [ Lyrics by: Sephtis ]