~*[ Shattered Dreams ]*~
Chained and bonded
Covered in the Dark
My black heart arissen
Tear enemies apart

Eyes full of grief
Destroy christian hopes
This Holy war has ended
Hang them with ropes

Bizarre illusions
Cosmic souls in vain
Their fate long forlorn
Let them suffer in pain

No Martyr, No Saviour
Curse he and his bane
Sacrifice the lamb
Again and again

Mourning in Hell
Hear Eternal Screams
My Infinite Realm
In these Shattered Dreams

Blow the Horns of Darkness
Let the armies come forth
I am commander
Of unholy Hordes

Witness the end approaching
Hear the trumpets call
Maddening your thoughts
Death comes to you all

© Serenade of Darkness - [ Lyrics rewritten by: Sephtis ]
Original lyrics by Andre de Heus