~*[ In The Shadows of Misery ]*~
Summoning the voices of the eternal suffering
Take my breath and may my pain never die
The urge to die that's tormenting my soul
Tear my flesh oh eternal one

Join my faith to be lost forever
Cry my child cause shadows will hunt you
Drink my misery and mourn eternal
Bittered by reality frozen by fear

Crucify the saints and hear their sickening screams
Hear they suffer in the name of humanity
Centuries of lies has been spoken in vain
Free the mind of their miserable shadows

Nocturnal kingdoms that where built in his name
May we call upon the beings of the almighty Hades
Ancient gods will rise to free the Christian slaves
Their belief will be slained upon the cosmic wall

Shadows of misery will conquer our souls
Be reborn in a world free of humanity
Nothing left to be ruined by our hands
Poisoned by statement that has brought us our free will
We have brought judgement upon ourselves
We must forfill in the shadows of misery

© Serenade of Darkness - [ Lyrics by: Magus ]