~*[ Search For Salvation ]*~
I'm standing in the moonlight
In the snowy fields of loneliness
Embraced by cold winds
The sky is dark, as dark as my soul

I look at the sky, I see a falling star
A smile appears on my face
Now that falling star is gone
just like my smile

Back in misery
Back in pain
Walking through the snow
Abandoned by everyone

My mind is poisoned by fear and hate
Left me in anger and despair
Trying to hide my tears inside
But they’re still come, still come, anyway

I'm so blind. I've got to stop those illusions
for hope and joy, and see the reality
(A life filled with sadness)
I've got to search for salvation
A search for death!

© Serenade of Darkness - [ Lyrics by: Andre de Heus ]