~*[ Requiem Eternatum ]*~
Born in the shadows of my past
Wandering in the absence of light
Fading like the flame in your eyes
Suffering like a child without a soul

As if I never lived before
Created between the chaos of life
The source of my existence gone
Believing in eternal rest

Carry my soul into oblivion
Burry my grief in your hate
Swallow my fear and let it burn
Taste the pain inside my mind

These are the signs to end our world
These are lies that have been told
This is the source that kept us dead
Eternal rest

They will fade, they will die
Just like hope to ease my pain

It will end, it shall perish
Like a sunset that never was ment to be born

The curse that follows me into the night
That drains the life inside
That poisons my view on light
That hunts my soul forever

Continuing the quest for my freedom
The truth behind the lies
The reason of my existence
The meaning of my fear

The loss of my soul
The sorrow that burns
The silence that screams
The solitude never ends

Reqiuem Eternatum

© Serenade of Darkness - [ Lyrics by: Magus ]