~*[ In Solitude Engraved ]*~
I have seen the loss of your soul
Buried deep inside my heart where grief has her throne
And when the silence whispers I drown in your tears

Let me see the darkness rise once again for eternity
So shall it be the blood returns and create the demise of heaven

He who wanders through the night
He who let worlds burn
He who carves my soul
The angel that lets us die

Bless me with your innocence my child
See that the end slowly nears
The solitude that symbolises the sadness I see
Freedom is just a dream

Lonelyness, that runs my life
Lets me see the cold of light
Hate for fills the pain inside

Carry my agony through the night
I remain in the books of past
The only place that they won’ t see
Light will slowly fade away

In solitude It shall be engraved

© Serenade of Darkness - [ Lyrics by: Magus ]