~*[ Blasphemy ]*~

Soldiers of Evil, Unleash your chains! Indulge in Acts of Blasphemy!

Dark Enchantress, Mistress of Sin, welcome to a different dawn!
Empress of Evil, please, stand up tall! Go and wake the dark within!

Your soul once sold, to the Horned One, your innocence, your wealth.
Your eyes stare through a door of fire, come in and pass the gates ... of Death!

Your soul levitates above a well of blood, prepare to take your final breath.
Say goodbye to your current state of life, come, join the marches of the dead!

The King of Old, nods approvingly, see him prancing in his pride,
A catastrophy you can't escape, you cannot run ... nor Hide!

'Warlord! Comfort Me!'
'Shadowking! Please set me free!'
'Dark Knight! Forgive Me!'
'I indulge myself in acts of Blasphemy!'

Shades of blood, colored black as pitch, raining down upon the floor.
Crawl around, through the castle base, unleash your chains for him once more!

You're his most beloved, you're Satan's whore! Don't pretend it to be lies.
Don't be afraid my dear, it's only flesh that burns! Ascent and rise again... from Death!

Bound and chained to, the chambers wall, your screams arise from hell!
Who withstands, the game He plays, you're possessed and love to dwell!

Bow down to Satan! Enjoy the plunge in his burning seas!
Kneel before the Devils throne and indulge yourself, in acts of Blasphemy!

© Serenade of Darkness - [ Lyrics by: Sephtis ]